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When it comes to choosing the ultimate yacht mega yacht or superyacht for sale, the only limitation is your own imagination. With your yacht you can sail into quiet cays, swim in crystal azure waters and find a corner of heaven. Today’s world-class yacht and shipbuilders constantly push the envelope when it comes to sheer luxury yachts on the seas, with a dizzying array of styles, shapes, and amenities.

Imagine including everything you have ever dreamt of in your home upon the water, including high-end amenities like swimming platforms, Jacuzzis, complete gyms, outdoor dining and entertainment areas, and much more. With your own yacht, you’ll be able to live the life of which you’ve always dreamed of.

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Chartering a luxury yacht is the perfect exclamation point to your lifestyle. You have always wanted and sought out the best that life has to offer, whether it is food, clothing or a spectacular home. You have arrived. For you, the sky is not the limit because your imagination can take you anywhere in the world in pure luxury by renting a yacht for charter from 4Yacht.

As your foremost authority, 4Yacht takes all the guesswork out of finding the best luxury yacht for charter to fit your needs. Chose luxury yacht for charter from 50’ up to over 500’, We'll do all the work, so you can continue doing what you do best—living the good life. Start your luxury yacht charter with us today.

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4Yacht Inc. founded in 2002, and known as the yachting world’s “Dream Makers”, was established to provide yacht buyers the most exceptional yachts imaginable for sale that would fulfill their dreams and goals. Since our founding, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients fulfill their yachting dreams.

The services of a professional yacht broker are similar to those provided by attorneys who protect assets, accountants who prepare taxes and realtors who buy and sell homes. The buying and selling of any yacht can be an intricate and complex transaction. Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the professional advantage that 4Yacht offers?

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 4Yacht, Inc. has been featured in online and traditional publications and broadcast media such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Fox News, MSN, CNN, AOL, Drudge Report, UK’s Mail-Online, and other publications, as well as on Discovery’s Travel Channel, the television show “The World’s Most Expensive Rides”, and other media formats. 4Yacht is a member of the International Yacht Brokers Association.

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Feadship Launches Project 1007, Largest Superyacht to Date
22 June 2018

Feadship Launches Project 1007, Largest Superyacht to Date

Feadship Launches Project 1007, Largest Superyacht to Date: Dutch shipyard Feadship has launched its largest superyacht to date from its facility in Makkum , a 110-meter vessel that currently goes by the code name Project 1007. She overtakes the 101.5-meter Symphony, which was launched in 2015. Project 1007 is characterized by dramatic superstructure lines that resemble a large eye in the midship of the vessel, created by Michael Leach Design. The studio has worked with Feadship in the past, on the 67-meter Anna and is also reportedly involved in a 93-meter superyacht project currently in build. The studio is also...

Benetti Launches Sixth Fast 140 Mega Yacht Named Ironman
18 June 2018

Benetti Launches Sixth Fast 140 Mega Yacht Named Ironman

Benetti Launches Sixth Fast 140 Mega Yacht Named Ironman: The newest Benetti Fast 140 megayacht named Ironman, is on target for a summertime delivery thanks to her recent launching. The semi-custom series from the busy Italian shipyard offers fuel and performance efficiency at all speeds while also accommodating 12 guests. Benetti’s in-house research ad development team designed a proprietary hull with Pierluigi Ausonio. Benetti calls the hull design Displacement to Planing (D2P). The hull significantly reduces wave resistance, fuel consumption and pitch and roll. At displacement speeds, it also cruises about 20 percent higher when compared to similarly sized displacement...

Benetti Launches 11th Classic Supreme 132 Mega Yacht
14 June 2018

Benetti Launches 11th Classic Supreme 132 Mega Yacht

Benetti Launches 11th Classic Supreme 132 Mega Yacht: Yet another Classic Supreme 13w has emerged from Benetti Yachts’ yard in Viareggio Italy. Measuring 40.24 meters and built in GRP, this is the 11th semi-displacement yacht in the popular Benetti series. With a beam of 8.28 meters, she has plenty of exterior space, particularly on the sundeck and upper deck, featuring a Jacuzzi and a spectacular sea view positioned forward of the pilothouse. Stefano Righini is responsible for the exterior design, while the interiors are a collaboration between Benetti’s Interior Style Department and Mexican architect Ezequiel Farca, who has designed three...

136m Lurssen Superyacht Project Shu Completes Sea Trials
11 June 2018

136m Lurssen Superyacht Project Shu Completes Sea Trials

136m Lurssen Superyacht Project Shu Completes Sea Trials: Lürssen’s colossal superyacht Project Shu, has successfully completed sea trials in the North Sea and is on target for an autumn delivery. With an LOA of 136 meters and a beam of 20.5 meters, she is currently the largest yacht due for delivery in 2018. Together with 12-meter Project Thunder and 111-meter Project Tis, Lürssen expects to deliver three of the four largest yachts this year. Project Shu’s exterior was designed by Espen Øino, well known for his collaborations with the German yard, having designed 25-delivered projects over the course of their...

$492 Million 115-Meter Superyacht Luna Impounded !!
07 June 2018

$492 Million 115-Meter Superyacht Luna Impounded !!

115-Meter Superyacht Luna Impounded !!: The world’s second largest expedition yacht, a 115-meter vessel named Luna, has become the most fought-over prize in what is being called Britain’s most expensive divorce. In October 2017, the yacht entered Port Rashid, Dubai, for maintenance and since then was effectively impounded by a court order due to an ongoing legal dispute between the yacht’s owner, Russian oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex-wife Tatiana Akmededova, over their divorce settlement. Luna now sits in dry dock. In December 2016, a British High Court judge ordered Akhmedov, who has owned a home in England since the...

D-Fence System Tackles the Superyacht Drone Threat
06 June 2018

D-Fence System Tackles the Superyacht Drone Threat

D-Fence System Tackles the Superyacht Drone Threat: British company Martek Marine aims to do something about the proliferation of drones that are increasingly posing a threat to the safety, security and privacy of superyachts. The company has launched an anti-drone defense product called D-Fence that can detect and track drone activity with a 20km radius of the vessel. When a drone is detected, the system triggers creation of a 500-meter exclusion zone around the yacht on which it is installed. If a drone enters this zone, its video and control signals will be blocked and its fail-safe mode will initiate,...

82m Superyacht Ilona Gets New Look After Abeking Refit
05 June 2018

82m Superyacht Ilona Gets New Look After Abeking Refit

82m Superyacht Ilona Gets New Look After Abeking Refit: After a lengthy period inside the sheds of German’s Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard, the formerly 73.6-meter motoryacht Ilona is once again back on the seas sporting several cosmetic and structural changes. The 2004 Amels-build superyacht is now cruising the Mediterranean with a brand new forward helicopter landing deck and a grand open swim platform at her stern. The refit saw the RWD-designed superyacht’s forward hull raised to form a new sheer line with a flush foredeck area. TWD was also responsible for the yacht’s refit design at the request of the...

Amsterdam A New Destination for Superyachts
01 June 2018

Amsterdam A New Destination for Superyachts

Amsterdam A New Destination for Superyachts: The HISWA Holland Yachting Group has announced its intention to make the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, a major destination for superyachts. The group indicates that a quiet transformation in yachting destinations has occurred over the past few years, with more owners and charter clients opting to cruise in areas other than the traditional destinations in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. A huge surge in popularity in northern Europe is one reason behind the move. Jeroen Sirag, HISWA export director, noted that Amsterdam is an idea destination for superyachts due to its unique DNA....

Superyacht Auction Date Finally Set for Indian Empress
30 May 2018

Superyacht Auction Date Finally Set for Indian Empress

Superyacht Auction Date Finally Set for Indian Empress: After several lengthy delays, the 95-meter superyacht Indian Empress has a firm auction date of June 28. What’s more is that Indian entrepreneur Vijay Mallya, who calls himself “The King of Good Times,” has agreed to the auction order by a court in Malta where the vessel has been held under arrest since February for unpaid crew wages. Indian Empress was originally scheduled for auction on May 21, but the Maltese courts suspended the auction, with the presiding judge requesting that all parties appear before him on May 28. Mallya’s representatives supported...

Oyster Luxury Yachts to Begin Manufacture Once Again
29 May 2018

Oyster Luxury Yachts to Begin Manufacture Once Again

Oyster Luxury Yachts to Begin Manufacture Once Again: Oyster Yachts has announced that it will once again manufacture yachts at their facilities in Wroxham, England, and has hired 50 former employees just three months after the company went into administration. Work has already begun on an Oyster 675 yacht, the first of two yachts for which the company currently has contracts. Several more orders are expected to be signed in the company weeks as Oyster seeks to complete projects paused during administration. Oyster has indicated it will continue to scale up hiring as more order contracts are signed, emphasizing a...

Benetti Targets Oasis 135 Mega Yacht to Active Outdoor-Loving Owners
24 May 2018

Benetti Targets Oasis 135 Mega Yacht to Active Outdoor-Loving Owners

Benetti Targets Oasis 135 Mega Yacht to Active Outdoor-Loving Owners: Italian yard Benetti has expanded its semi-custom megayacht line once again with the Oasis 135. The new mega yacht line will emphasize a comfortable, somewhat relaxed lifestyle on the water just like the Delfino 95 and Fast 125 lines. However, Benetti sees younger, more active buyers emerging in the marketplace and is targeting this line toward them. Benetti designed the Oasis 135 with something more suited to the tastes of younger buyers. At 40.5 meters, the Oasis 135 has seamless panes of big glass to lend to the feeling that...

Saddam Hussein’s 30M Superyacht Becomes a Captain's Hotel?
23 May 2018

Saddam Hussein’s 30M Superyacht Becomes a Captain's Hotel?

Saddam Hussein’s 30M Superyacht Becomes a Captain's Hotel?: He never used the king-size bed surrounded by silk curtains in the master suite or the gold-rimmed bathroom, yet the 82-meter superyacht called Basrah Breeze built for Saddam Hussein not only has survived the decline and fall of the deceased Iraqi dictator, it has taken on a new life. Built in 1981 by a Danish shipyard, the superyacht will now become a hotel for ship captains guiding freighters in and out of the port of Basra, Iraq’s main southern city. Basrah Breeze has spent most years since her launching outside of Iraqi...

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