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The French Riviera or the Cote d’Azur. Whichever name you call this region, the images conjured up are sure to include beautiful women, handsome men, glitzy casinos, ancient villages, fast cars and beautiful luxury yacht charters and luxury yachts line the quays. Following are some side trips that you may want to take when renting a yacht in the region.

monaco yacht showMonaco was originally founded as a Greek trading post in about 500 BC, long before anyone One can only imagine the looks on the faces of the ancients if they were transported into the future, standing quayside as the Grand Prix cars zip past. The Principality of Monaco was created via a treaty signed with France on Feb. 2, 1861. Monaco’s economy as we know it today was based on a small casino originally started in 1856 by Charles, son of Prince Florestan I, with the intent of saving the House of Grimaldi from bankruptcy. In 1862, it moved to its current location and rose to glory under the direction of Francois Blanc.

The current casino was built in 1878 and as it gained popularity, luxurious houses began to cover the surrounding hills, and as they say, the rest is history. Even if you do not want to gamble, a visit to the casino is well worth it. The walls and ceilings of the magnificent gaming halls are decorated with carvings and paintings. The atmosphere is hushed, but seems charged with suspense as the croupiers announce “Faites vos jeux,” or “Lay your bets.”

High on the hill on the opposite side of the harbor from the casino is the royal palace. Every day at 11:55AM sharp, the royal guards parade onto the palace’s front square, some with swords drawn, others shouldering rifles with bayonets. As the drums beat and the trumpets blare, they change guards and march off just at the palace clock strikes noon. The sight is well worth the short walk up the hill. Remember, the entire Principality is only about 486 acres, which is smaller than New York’s Central Park, so it is easy to get around on foot.

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